Lennox EL280

Lennox EL280 Commercial Gas Furnaces in Hillsborough

Lennox EL280 commercialConsistency is crucial for the Lennox® EL280 gas furnace, and the system’s 2-stage heating makes it possible, while also improving comfort control. Energy efficiency in this commercial gas furnace is rated at 80% AFUE, with the help of its sealed blower compartment that also reduces operating sounds. The EL280 features a silicone nitride-constructed SureLight® ignitor that ensures a long product life and reliable performance year after year. That means more peace of mind for you and more comfort for the employees at your company.

  • 66,000-132,000 Btuh
  • Upflow/horizontal and dedicated downflow models
  • 33” design profile
  • Direct-drive slide-out blower
  • Toolless entry for easy maintenance

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