Why Preventative Furnace Maintenance Matters

October 12, 2016

You have your car serviced every 3000-5000 miles. You remember to get your physical every year. So why wouldn’t you also get your routine HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) maintenance in Hillsborough each season?

You may feel that if the air conditioner kept you cool all last summer, or you didn’t have any problems with your furnace last winter, that it’s not necessary to have a technician come out and maintain the system. But that’s where you could have malfunctions.

Taking your car in regularly helps verify everything is functioning properly so you aren’t in the middle of a 300 mile trip when your car unexpectedly breaks down. Visiting the doctor annually helps keep your body healthy and discovers issues early, like heart disease or cancer.

It’s just the same with HVAC maintenance. Travis Smith, owner of Sky Heating & Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon, explained it very simply.

“Imagine if only 20% of people who owned vehicles received maintenance on them. There would be a lot of malfunctioning vehicles. A heating and air conditioning system can run nearly 2,000 hours per year, and if you figure it’s running at the equivalent of 30 miles per hour, that would mean you put 60,000 miles per year on your system in between maintenance.”

Smith says the process is just like vehicle maintenance. “Just as an auto mechanic would bring to any auto owner’s attention that it needs oil changes and regular tune-ups. There is no difference. Mechanical products need maintenance or they will stop working and have decreased lifespans.”

So just because your system was working fine last season doesn’t mean it doesn’t need its seasonal tune-up. The truth is it needs maintenance now, and every year prior to the peak heating and peak cooling season. Fras-Air/General Service Experts’s fall promotion is happening now and you can save on a heating Precision tune-ups by calling 908-448-2154 today.

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