Were Your Source for Commercial Solar Energy Systems in Hillsborough

Want to shrink the carbon footprint for your business? Shave energy expenses? Get certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)?

Fras-Air/General Service Experts is your source for green energy in Hillsborough. A commercial solar power system could considerably decrease energy costs for your business. And harmful CO2 emissions.

You’ll benefit from energy efficiency and a stronger planet when you use clean energy to supplement your electricity consumption.

Our Experts can also assist you in obtaining LEED certification for your commercial building. Leadership in Energy and Environmental certification gives recognition to buildings that are highly efficient to optimize savings on energy.

All of our professionals at Fras-Air/General Service Experts have achieved ACE certification. This means they’re among the most outstanding in the industry—and better equipped to serve you. Plus, we back their excellent service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.*

How Commercial Solar Energy Works

Our solar energy systems include rooftop panels that harness the sun’s power for heating and cooling. When your HVAC system isn’t operating, this energy can power lights and electronics.

Some solar array systems will generate extra power. In some states, you can shift the electricity back to your utility for a credit. This is also known as net metering.

We scale our rooftop solar installations to match the needs of your business. These solar power systems have dual electric or gas capabilities. This means your commercial location will continue being cozy even when it’s overcast. And you’ll reduce your reliance on electricity, especially during peak times.

Ask us about tax credits and rebates that can make your new commercial solar energy system even more reasonable.

Start Saving Today and Expand in the Future

Installing solar electric systems won’t disturb your business or need substantial changes to your office building.

Plus, you have the ability to expand in the future. You can start with a couple of solar panels and add others down the line to save even more on energy.

Once Fras-Air/General Service Experts puts in, you’ll be able to see its effectiveness almost right away with a personalized website. This website shows your system’s production, environmental benefits and status.