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Exceptional Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in Hillsborough

We can help you choose the most suitable garbage disposal for your kitchen’s needs and budget, ensuring excellent installation. You can also look to us for garbage disposal repair through extensive diagnosis and service.

Average Garbage Disposal Problems

A capable garbage disposal saves time and effort in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what should and shouldn’t go in it, which results in clogs or damage. Here are a few problems we commonly handle:

  • Garbage disposal won’t start.
  • Disposal makes noise but won’t work correctly.
  • Disposal is leaking.
  • A nauseating odor has formed.
  • Water won’t drain or is draining slowly through the disposal.

You should always run cold water into the disposal while it’s on—cold water solidifies any oil that’s present, making it easier for the blades to break waste down. Garbage disposals should also be used regularly to prevent any rust build-up.

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Repairing a Leaky Garbage Disposal

A leaky garbage disposal is an easy fix if you can find the root cause. Check for problems with any old or damaged parts, such as:

  • Deteriorated seals
  • Loose pipes
  • Fractured flanges or gaskets
  • Damage to the garbage disposal itself
  • Possible leaky connection between the disposal and dishwasher, allowing for self-cleaning

Most leaks can be repaired. If the leak is in the body or interior lining of the disposal, you will need to replace it.

It can take a DIYer an entire afternoon to locate and complete simple repairs; you may be better off calling in the Experts at Fras-Air/General Service Experts Total Home Comfort to diagnose and repair your problem. We’ll also look for any other components that are about to fail and resolve all of it with one visit.

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