Tankless Water Heaters for Hillsborough

When it’s time for a new water heater, energy efficiency is usually near the top of many people’s needs in Hillsborough. A tankless water heater is a great option for saving energy. In fact, a tankless water heater is 8–34 percent more energy efficient than a storage water heater, according to energy.gov.

Unlike traditional tank heaters that heat gallons of water and store it for a later time, tankless water heaters use gas burners or electric coils to heat water on an as-needed basis, which could save you a lot on energy expenses. Since the heated water isn’t stored for use for later use, you don’t have to worry about paying for standby energy losses like you may have to with tank heaters. You’ll also benefit from having a continuous supply of hot water. They are smaller in size, energy-efficient in design and low-cost to operate.

When you turn on a hot water tap, cold water comes through the unit where either a gas burner or an electric element will heat it. Then it goes to the tap, where you then have hot water. One thing about tankless water heaters—especially for larger homes—is that the flow rate of hot water may not be great enough to accommodate numerous uses at once. One of our experts will help you figure out what your flow rate is and offer recommendations based on their analysis.

Some people decide to install a separate tankless water heater that’s designated to a specific appliance, like the dishwasher or the clothes washer—or as a booster for a solar water heating system. However, most households in the Hillsborough area do very well with a single tankless water heater. Let’s look at some of the bonuses of getting one:

  • Most tankless water heaters have a lifetime of 20 years—that’s about twice as long as the lifetime of a normal tank heater.
  • Most tankless units have a federal tax rebate.
  • Tankless water heaters rarely run out of hot water.
  • You get improved energy efficiency with a tankless water heater because they are more efficient without standby heat loss and only use the power they need to heat the amount of water needed at any time.
  • Tankless models require much less space than traditional tank water heaters. They can even be put on the walls and some can be put in small cupboards or closets. Smaller units can be added under cabinets or in a closet, closer to where they’re used.
With tankless water heaters, you eliminate the possibility of flooding due to a ruptured tank. Call Fras-Air/General Service Experts today if you want an ENERGY STAR® rated, tankless hot water heater installed in your Hillsborough home. It’s a great energy-efficient addition for your home. We have quality tankless hot water heater choices, knowledge and expert service—for all your tankless water heater needs. Give our team a call at 908-448-2154 or request an appointment with us online.


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